After Your Trust Has Been Broken – 5 Ways to Avoid a Victim Mentality

Leading with Trust

I Am Not A VictimHaving someone break your trust is a painful and inevitable fact of life. There will be a number of situations during your lifetime where people will let you down, whether it’s something as innocent and unintentional as forgetting a lunch date, or as major and hurtful as a spouse seeking a divorce. You will have your trust broken. It’s not a question of if, but when.

What’s important is your response after trust has been broken. You have two choices: victimization or resiliency. Victimization is characterized by an attitude of powerlessness, blaming others for the negative situations in your life, believing that everyone else has it better than you, and a constant seeking of sympathy for your lot in life. Either you’ve experienced it yourself or you’ve seen it others. It’s characterized by statements like: Why me? People can’t be trusted. I can’t change my circumstances. Why is everyone…

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How to be happy?

Everyone wants to be happy but they don’t know how to be happy.I will tell you some simple ways of happiness below.
1.Never think too much.

2.Find the root cause of your worry which make you unhappy.

3.Always be grateful for what you have.being grateful can attract more blessings like a magnet.

4.Distract yourself into the nature around you i.e see the big blue sky above your head,watch the clouds,see the mountains and trees etc.

5.Never lose hope.Trust the God he is most merciful to his creatures.


The human nature is such that we focus on the troubles of our life instead of blessings.There are so many things which are present in our life for which we should be thankful for.It increases the peace and happiness in our can reduce the worries to a great extent by practicing gratitude.It is one of the best quality a person can have.
we cannot realise the value of something until we lose it.So it is better to understand the worth of such things on time.

Practice Acceptance

There are certain situations in life on which we have no control.But instead of knowing the fact that we cannot change them we still worry about them.what is done is done,it cannot be undone.So the acceptance is the only way to be out of that situation.otherwise we deteriorate of life by the worries.

It is not an easy thing to do.Even the kings needed to be remind of this everytime. The late George V framed these words hanging on the wall of his libraray “Teach me neither to cry for the moon nor over spilt Milk”.

Epictetus taught the romans that cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.Elsie Mac-Cormick said in an article that “when we stop fighting the inevitable we release energy which enable us to create a richer life”.